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      The legendary Marie-Claude Moise, as proclaimed in certain circles of art, is an uninhibited bold colorist, pitting boldness against boldness. Marie is known for her uncanny ability to transform a simple taste of life into a kaleidoscope of possibilities, which takes the viewer from a sideline witness into an in-depth subjective experience of awe and wonder, leaving the once sidelined witness with at least the desire to explore the depth of life more broadly. Marie's medium is acrylic on canvas, while often using found organic materials to make a point of expression.

       Marie is a dual citizen of Canada and the United States, born March 24, 1967 in Haiti. She moved to Queens, NY at a young age, then to Montreal, Canada. Her ongoing passion for art began in Hempstead Highschool, in Hempstead New York; it was during this time that she created her first major piece of art, which was a bold confronting presentation titled "Life, as I see myself". This piece was entered in an art competition, where it was selected by the art committee as an outstanding work of art. It was in Canada that Marie established roots in this exiting new culture. This varied cultural expression insight her interest in color and texture. 


          Marie-Claude Moise has been a success through her one person art exhibitons where she has a loyal following of enthusiastic collectors, which has afforded her much success. Some even say she is the reincarnated, Henri Matisse, the impressionist.


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